Modern Apartment Station Haarlem 2p

Haarlem, postcodegebied 2011NG

This lovely apartment is the perfect base for your trip to Haarlem. It is situated right across the train station in middle of the city center. Everything you need is close to this place! In less then 10 minutes by foot you will find yourself at the famous Grote Markt with great places to eat. Maybe a day to Amsterdam? The train station has direct connection to Amsterdam (15 minutes). The apartments light and spacious and situated on the ground floor. It is modern furnished and has everything you will need. It features one bedroom with a double bed, open kitchen with kitchen island (fully equipped) and a bathroom with walk-in shower . ? Privacy and space ? Fully equipped kitchen ? Wifi and television ? Great connected by public transport Situated in the Stationsbuurt, everything is at close range.

Aanvullende informatie Airbnb faciliteit

Dit Airbnb appartement in Stationsbuurt in Oude stad is geschikt voor maximaal 2 gasten en heeft een minimum verblijf van 2 nachten. Deze Airbnb faciliteit beschikt over 1 slaapkamer met 1 bed en heeft 1 bad. Bij aankomst word je welkom geheten door Niels En Viv (Welcome Back) die sinds 1 april 2011 lid is van Airbnb. De vanaf prijs van dit Airbnb appartement is 93,00 euro.

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Specificaties Airbnb faciliteit

Type Airbnb faciliteit
geheel appartement
Minimum verblijfsduur
Minimum verblijf 2 nachten
1 slaapkamer (1 bed)
1 bad
Prijs vanaf
€ 93
? Fee applies for check-in between 21:00 and 23:00 (€45), no check-in after 23:00 ? ?Check out time before 11:00. ?This is a non smoking apartment. ?During check in we will give you 1 set of keys. If you loose them we will charge you €100,- for replacing the door lock. ?At check out we will check for damage and cleanliness. Make sure you do the dishes and basically clean the bathroom and toilet. ?Please treat this accommodation as your own and respect the privacy of the neighbors. Quiet time b

Eigenaar van deze Airbnb faciliteit

Niels En Viv (Welcome Back)
Lid sinds
1 april 2011
Deutsch, English, Français en Nederlands

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